The end of Blaugust Reborn

Holy smokes, y'all, it's the end of August already! I am so glad that I heard about Blaugust Reborn on the Geek to Geek podcast this year, as it's led to probably the most productive month of my life! Originally, I just planned to challenge myself to produce some sort of content each day that … Continue reading The end of Blaugust Reborn

Podcast recommendations: Animorphs!

I've been in the process of rereading the Animorphs for months, and I'm still making my way through the series. I'm up to book 37, and have found a few Animorphs based podcasts to listen to as I move through the series. Morph Club This was the first Animorphs-centric podcast I started listening. Because they … Continue reading Podcast recommendations: Animorphs!