I’ve been doing graphic design and illustration for years, and now I want to put everything I’ve learned to work for you!

For a fair price, I’ll make you an emote to use on Twitch, formatted to the three required sizes, and optimized to look good on both a light and dark chat background.

All I need from you is a description of what you are looking for (with reference images if you have them), some cold, hard cash (delivered digitally through PayPal), and a few days!

Aerialslayer asked for this Magi-Nation icon.

I can also help out with sub-badges, overlayers, offline banners, icons, or whatever else your wonderful, kind, generous, supportive heart desires.

If you are interested, please email with what you are looking for, and I’ll get back to you with any questions I have, info on how to send payment, and a timeframe for delivery.

If you haven’t heard MisterScoot sing about Frozen Birds… then you should!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Operators are standing by!

(Not really, it’s just me over here… but I’m standing by!)

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