Hey look, TroytlePower has gone and made a podcast! It’s the world’s fifth-ish audio-only let’s-play podcast!

TroytlePower Presents: The Power Play-Throughs Podcast, with TroytlePower

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  • 10. Animorphs (GBC) Part 5
    More Animorphs adventures! We make some real progress this episode and actually get a fairly legitimate Game Over in what is, I think, a boss fight of sorts! Next episode we might even beat level 1!
  • 9. Animorphs (GBC) Part 4
    Level 1 of this children's game keeps beating me, but we make some serious progress this time!
  • 8. Ultimate Spider-Man (GBC) Part 2
    We're back with more Spidey, and a very, very bad jingle. Seriously, it's not good. Just a sad rip off of Daniel K's "Recommends" jingle. Anyway, we fight people and shoot webs and stuff. Fun!
  • 7. Animorphs (GBC) Part 3
    In this episode Troytle total beats the Animorphs video game! What's that? The thumbnail says "Game Over"? Hmm... well.. perhaps... it's saying that the game is over because I won it. Surely it's not because I failed to beat the first level. Again.
  • 6. Overwatch
    TroytlePower plays a lot of video games, but he's pretty much got no clue what he's doing in Overwatch. Also, check out that new intro song! Spiffy, eh?
  • 5. Ultimate Spider-Man (GBC) Part 1
    In this episode, Troytle spins a web, any size! He catches fiends, just like flies! Look out, here comes another episode of TPPTPPTPwTP in which TroytlePower is bested by a children's video game!
  • 4. Animorphs (GBC) Part 2
    TroytlePower is back to trudge through more of the Animorphs for the GBC so you don't have to! Aliens! Inscruitable instructions! Wolves! Keys! Death! Game Over! This episode has got it all!
  • 3. Animorphs (GBC) Part 1
    In this episode, Troytle becomes a weird dog, and also a goat, and a snake, and other things! Also, he definitely does not join the Sharing, even though that organization seems super legitimate and not scary at all.
  • 2. WarioLand 4, part 2!
    In this episode, Troytle totally, successfully plays a video game, and nothing at all goes wrong.
  • 1. WarioLand 4!
    It's the first episode of TPPTPPTPwTP! In this episode, Troy tests his audio, raids a pyramid, fails to get a big diamond, then hides his shame from his coworkers! Neat!