Podcast recommendations: Animorphs!

I’ve been in the process of rereading the Animorphs for months, and I’m still making my way through the series. I’m up to book 37, and have found a few Animorphs based podcasts to listen to as I move through the series.

Morph Club

This was the first Animorphs-centric podcast I started listening. Because they were way ahead in the series, I was able to queue up their relevant episodes as I finished each book. They actually either just finished the series, or maybe are doing so this week… I can’t pay too much attention to their social media feed since I know they are so far ahead of me. This podcast is, I think, the most loving look at the series of the three, and frequently reflects the heartbreak I feel for these poor, poor babies and their awful struggles.


Fandalites is another podcast by nostalgic Animorphs fans, but this one is willing to take a more critical look at some of the sillier parts of the series. When something doesn’t make sense, the hosts will often put together an explanation that solves the problem, proclaiming it “more canon than canon.” This is perhaps best illustrated by a quick visit to their excellent sister-site, andalitetruth.org.

Fanimorphs: The Dork-Bajir Chronicles

Ths most over-the-top silly podcast on this list has two details that make it rise to the cream of the “lolwhut?” crop. First, one of their three hosts has never read the Animorphs before, so he provides a nice, nostalgic-free look at the weirder parts of the series, and, second, every other episode is labeled “Live from the Gardens”, and isn’t about an Animorphs book at all. Instead, it’s a podcast about “how to be a convincing Animorph”, illustrated by an in-depth look at the featured morphs from the last book. Usually, that question is answered by explaining how the animals do it. Sexually. For procreation and for fun. Because that’s what you’ll need to know to survive the Yeerk invasion.


Teepublic - This is my morphing outfit
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Edited 8/13/2018, because I completely mislabeled the “Fandalites” podcast and I am the worst.



8 responses to “Podcast recommendations: Animorphs!”

  1. You also need Fandalites, The Hindsight, and Thought-Speak. I personally prefer Fandalites of the group.


    1. Oh snap! The second entry is supposed to be Fandalites! I’m the worst >.<

      The Hindsight was one I was listening to, but it looks like they dropped off and never finished.

      I’ve not come across Thought-Speak, but you best believe I’ll download it today!


  2. Oh wait: you did have Fandalites, but you called them Fanimorphs for some reason


    1. Yuuuuuuup. Fixed it now. Thank you so much for pointing it out!


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