Podcasts, Art, and General Geekery

TroytlePower is a guy with too many ideas and not enough time. Follow my Twitter account to keep up with new stuff, or look below for all the projects I work on!

The biggest and best way to support me is by chipping in on my Patreon, but it’d also be amazing if you wanted to buy some of my designs on shirts or cups or whatever at TeePublic and Redbubble.


TroytlePower Presents: The Power Play Throughs Podcast, with TroytlePower: An Audio-Only-Let’s-Play that usually focuses on GameBoy Advance games. Be sure to check the Patreon and follow on Twitter!

Too Young For This Trek: A look at some of the best and worst in the Trek franchise with three fans and a total newbie, in a totally random order. Follow us on Twitter for ridiculous Star Trek nonesense.

The Best Animated Shows Ever… So Far: A completely scientific and unbiased review and ranking of every animated show ever. Let us know what you think about the shows we cover on Twitter.

Podcasters Assemble: A hype/rewatch podcast of major movie franchises, including Marvel, Star Wars, and Bond. Our Twitter has memes, deep thoughts, and dumb jokes.


Geek To Geek Media: I contribute impressions, reviews, and other nonsense to this great site.

Geek To Geek Plus: Geek To Geek Media’s digital, patreon-only magazine is a place for me and other geek’s to write about our geeky memories.

My Blog: A place where I sometimes write about games and movies and stuff.

Other stuff

Twitch: I stream sometimes. When I can. Randomly. Between work and my kid and everything else, it’s hard to predict when I’ll have time.

Art and Design: I love making art, but I rarely have time. There’s a gallery of my work and info on commissions on this site, but I’ve got less time and energy for this stuff than I wish I did.

Density Crisis: An arcadey video game I made.

My friends: I’m proud to be a part of both the We Can Make This Work (Probably) Network and Geek to Geek Media. Check out both to see stuff from me and a bunch of other great people.