The end of Blaugust Reborn

Holy smokes, y’all, it’s the end of August already!

I am so glad that I heard about Blaugust Reborn on the Geek to Geek podcast this year, as it’s led to probably the most productive month of my life!

Originally, I just planned to challenge myself to produce some sort of content each day that I could attach to this blog, whether it was something I wrote, drew, designed, or even a live stream. Instead, I ended up having both a piece of written content and a visual piece every single day on top of maintaining a fairy regular streaming schedule on Twitch, and doing some commission artwork on top of that!

It’s been a hectic month, but having to create something every day really pushed me to work efficiently – both in writing and drawing – and I’m excited to keep pushing that work ethic, even when my blog-specific output reduces.

Thank you to the hosts of both the Geek to Geek cast and the organizers and mentors for Blaugust, as well as too all the other blogs I ended up reading due to this event.

I’m probably going to go pretty dark for the next week in terms of blogging and blogs, but I’m going to do my best to keep reading what you all post going forward, and plan to keep updating this blog going forward on a MWF schedule after that mini vacation, so I hope you will all keep reading!

Happy Blaugust, y’all, we made it!

Now for naps!


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