How the Helmacron Adventures Should Have Ended the Yeerk Invasion: Animorphs 24 and 42

Yada yada Animorphs blah blah Yeerks, etc.

okay, that’s out of the way; now we can get to the good stuff.

There’s this alien species called Helmacrons, right, and they are super tiny and also have shrink rays, okay? When they shrink the Animorphs down in book 24, their morphs are shrunk down to stay relative to their human forms, citing something about the DNA of the acquired animal shrinking with them.

At the end of the book, they acquire a new morph, an ant-eater, and are then able to morph to full-size versions of that, because the DNA hadn’t gone through the shrink ray. They regrow, and the elmacrons leave the narrative forever.


In book 42, the Helmacrons come back and invade Marco’s nose, threatening to kill him if the Animorphs don’t surrender to their demands. The team, naturally, finds a way to utilize the shrink ray, then follows the aliens up their friend’s nose. Except, oh no, the Helmacrons anticipated this and set a trap, so that the teens are 1/100th of the size of a Helmacrons (and 1/100th of the size they were last time). No new morphs are acquired here, but I’d like to argue that they should have acquired a Helmacrons or, even better, Marco himself.

You see, if the morphs they had before being shrink shrank with them, then surely morphs they acquired before being enlarged would grow with them.

So that Anteater from book 24? Get on board the Blade Ship, and morph from a normal sized human to that mammoth gargantuan thing. Let’s see how Visser Three’s ship holds up to that!

As for the Helmacrons, they cite them as being relatively the size of skyscrapers. So if they acquired them, then morphed them from normal size, they could go around picking up bug fighters like King Kong.

And Marco? They literally swam in his blood vessels! The five of them could all have acquired him at any time, then gone down to the Yeerk pool and morphed a Marco so big he could break through the cieling, up through the city above, and bury the Yeerk Pool Ship into the surface of the moon like a toothpick in an olive!

damn, I know y’all are just kids, but come on!

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