My First Kickstarter is already funded!

I’m in absolute shock. It took about 13 hours for the first Kickstarter I’ve ever run to get funded.

Granted, this was a pretty small goal, but I’ve been wanting an enamel pin of this silly design I made to exist for *years*, and it’s incredible that it’s going to actually happen.

I’ve been really busy with the Podcasters Assemble project for the past few weeks, but that’s finally about to slow down, so I’m excited to have more time to interact with the amazing people who have already backed this project and, hopefully, many more who will.

Right now the pin is at 141% funded, which is absolutely crazy, and I’m trying to figure out what to do next. If this gets up to about 250% funded I could theoretically add a second batch of pins, so I think I might make an alternate version a stretch goal. I’m thinking glitter ink could be interesting…

We’ll see where this goes.

In any case, I’m super humbled by this support. Thank you to everyone who has looked at or shared this silly little project.

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