Sucked Back Into Star Wars

Sometime around the end of season 2 of Mandalorian I started to lose interest in the Star Wars expanded universe. My wife did, too, and we ended up leaving the last episode of Manduex unwatched for months.

I didnt watch Book of Boba Fett or Obi-Wan. Really, rewatching The Clone Wars with A More Civilized Age was the only thing that kept me interested in Star Wars.

I eventually watched the Mando finale, then four episodes of Boba Fett. That was all fine, but didnt hook me.

Then, in December, I started Andor and got hooked. Well, slowly hooked. Watching it on my own and wanting to really focus in meant I had to find time to watch Andor when my wife and kid were both sleeping. It took me two months to get through it, but I made it a few weeks ago and it might be my favorite Star Wars thing ever.

Andor is a much slower, deliberate, and thoughtful show than I expected from anything with the Star Wars name. It is through its nearly molasses like pace that it is able to shine a light into corners of the galaxy far, far away that we’ve never seen before, and it was phenomenal. I adored this show so much that its pulled me back to other Star Wars content.

It turns out that after episode 4, the episode I left Boba Fett on, the show turns into Mandalorian 2.5. The fifth episode is really cool, and focused entirely on that character, and six and seven are also good, even if they switch back to the less interesting character as the focus.

I also booted up KOTOR2 again, which I never finished. I remember thinking I was close around the time my kiddo was born three years ago. I have no idea what is happening in the story now, but just running around with a lightsaber (and with a Gamorian axe, because why not) makes me smile. Once I finish it, I think I will either turn to Jedi Knight or Republic Commando for some Star Wars shootin.

Mandolorian season 3 is coming up soon. I’m more interested than I expected to be based on the second season. Ive also got Obi-Wan to watch. I have heard such bad things about it that I am kind of dreading it.

But I’m going to watch it, because Andor made me like Star Wars again.


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