A Little Treat and a Little Torture

Today was Atti’s first day of preschool, which had me a bit stressed. I also had a doctor’s appointment that was all sorts of it’s own frustrating, but ended on a super positive note.

Too Young for This Hit

As a treat to myself, I decided to go back and listen to my absolute favorite podcast episode of all time, the Too Young for this Hit episode on Star Wars: Clone Wars.

Yes, it is true that I am one of the three voices on that episode, but that’s not the (only) reason I love it. I don’t know what sort of gas leak was in our Zoom call, but it created a chaotic and weird energy. We were laughing our asses off as we recorded it, and I still laugh my ass off every time I listen to it.

The Batman (again)

I uh… I started The Batman over again from the beginning. I didn’t love it the first time, but after finishing it up, talking about it with some friends on Discord, and listening to a few podcasts on it (including Podcasters Assemble), I decided to give it another go.

The shift this time is that I’m basically watching it as a comedy, and from that lens it’s really, really fun. I only got through an hour, or maybe even a bit less, but it was fun. I think I’ll finish it this week.

Other stuff

We watched another episode of ER, and I started up both Lil Gator Game (which I got a code for this morning) and a romhack called Pokémon Crown. Both had a great first impression, but I haven’t played enough of either to say much yet. Also recorded some footage of a game I can’t talk about yet.

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