The Batman and RRR and Other Stuff

First, some catch up on a few things from yesterday.

Poinpy and Oracle of Ages

I forgot to note both of these, and funnily enough, they were both games I played in the car.

Poinpy is a super fun game I’ve been playing on my phone. You make a little dude jump up and collect fruit to make smoothies for a big fire-breathing monster. What’s not to love? I played this mostly while waiting for ice to melt on my windshield.

My kiddo and I went out and drove around to kill some time, and I ended up parking the car somewhere and recording an episode of my Oracle of Ages playthrough. I want to like that game a lot more than I do… but I’m finding it frustratingly tedious. I think I’m going to start heavily using a guide.


I finished up this game, or at least what there is of it in its early access state. It’s a really cool modern interpretation of SNES Starfox. I have zero nostalgia for that game (I grew up on the N64 version), but having played a bit of it earlier this year for The Super Switch Club made me really appreciate how fast and smooth and just generally playable Ex-Zodiac is. Big recommend.


My wife and I have been watching ER. We started it after spending time at my parents’ place, where we caught random episodes while my mom was watching it. We’re five or six episodes into the first season ourselves now, and I dig it. It’s great passive viewing to me. Perfect to watch while eating dinner or playing a non-story focused game.

The Batman

I started this movie months ago. This is probably the third or fourth time I’ve sat down to watch it, and I finally made it through. I was not a fan. I mean, it was entertaining enough, but I feel like the movie took itself way too seriously and thought that Batman was way better at being Batman than he seemed to be to me.

I mean, if you ask me, he lost at the end of the movie, but the closing monologue is all about how he’s a symbol of hope. Sheesh

Now for today!


I poked around with a few games today, but don’t have a lot of thoughts about any of them right now.

I poked around a swamp in Dark Souls III. I put out some fires which opened a big door, and that was about it.

Played a bit of Borderlands 2. I’m still super early in this playthrough of the game (I played loads of it years ago). It’s fun enough… but I’m already tired of the loot focus.

I finished up Lunistice. This is an awesome throwback 3D platformer. Will be working on a review for Geek to Geek Media soon.

Spent about ten minutes on Moonscars. That game is stupidly hard, and I don’t have the rhythm of it down yet. I was also playing it on the Switch Lite, and it’s just a bit hard to see what’s happening there.


This is another movie I’ve been watching in chunks. I’m about two hours in now, and still loving it. I got to a big moment of betrayal and then a lot of backstory that has me really, really excited to see what happens next.

I’ve watched the dance scene about five times now. I love the song that plays and the dancing, but this is the first time that, for some reason, Netflix showed me the English version of the lyrics. Knowing that it’s a song all about having a wild dance party makes me love it even more.

Other stuff

Watched more Ultimate Spider-Man, watched more ER, read more Spider-verse. Oh, I also downloaded and read the first issue of Vol 1 of Scott Snyder’s Batman. Mostly because the movie made me want to reread Zero Year and I decided I may as well start from the beginning again.

Now I’m going to go lay in bed and play… something. Maybe more Moonscars? Final Fantasy XII? Murder by Numbers? I dunno.


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