Dark Souls 3, Spider-Man, and a Ganondorf doodle

Happy New Year!

I don’t really do resolutions typically, except for also I totally think about them every year because how can you not.

I’ve been doing a ton of writing for Geek to Geek Media lately, and I really enjoy it. However, it’s also very thought-intensive writing. As a chiller way to write, I’m going to start doing some media-focused journaling over here.

Dark Souls III

This morning I played some Dark Souls III, then while Atti was napping I played more. I’ve been playing a mostly dexterity-focused build, wielding either a sword or a whip in my right hand with a staff for light sorcery in the other.

I think I finished off the Cathedral of the Deep area today, including a boss fight against the Deacons of the Deep. This was a super fun fight against a whole mob of folks, with the actual “target” shifting to a different character each time you killed the body currently hosting them. It was a fun sort of puzzle fight, and the format was a big surprise after the approach to them included two absolutely massive enemies.

The only problem now is that I don’t really know where I am supposed to go next.

Lego Batman 2

I also helped Atticus play a bit of LEGO Batman 2 this morning. He’s become really focused on games lately, and I’m working to help him figure out how to work through problems in video games on his own. He’s got his own account on the Xbox now, and I’ve been using the copilot feature to sort of nudge him in the right direction with some games. Today I tried to just talk him through challenges in LEGO Batman 2 with… mixed success. We’ll see how that goes.


I also took some time to read this morning. I finished off the main issues of the Spiderverse storyline, which was really cool. The way that the Master Weaver story ties up at the end was really satisfying, and seeing so many different versions of Spider-Man come together was pretty neat. I was especially intrigued by the story of the “Old Man”. That was a super cool and really sad twist, that ended up with tears in my eyes.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Finally, after reading Spidey, I put on the first two episodes of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. I’d watched a bit of this before, but decided to start it from the beginning to see if it might catch Atti’s interest. It didn’t.

Ganondorf Doodle

While that was on, I grabbed my iPad and doodled up an image of Ganondorf. This idea actually popped into my head based on a Jake Parker illustration of Venom in Spider-Verse #1. I didn’t really try to copy the style exactly… I just saw his image, thought “Ganondorf”, and then started doodling. Looking at them together, I think I might actually do another pass where I try to directly replicate that style. Hmm.

I like doodling. It makes me happy.

It’s only 2:30ish right now. I’m sure I’ll do more today… but I think I’m just going to do these journals as I can. I’m hoping for each day to put up something, but we will see. I think I’m going to try to finish Ex-Zodiac today, and maybe start up Valkie 64, which I just got sent a code for. We shall see.


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