Returning to Breath of the Wild Part 2: Distractions

I’m a very distractible person.

I was diagnosed with ADHD in high school and have been on and off medication for it since. Tearing my ADHD helps, but I still have to put effort in to staying focused on a project, instead of jumping to the next thing and the next and the next, leaving a path of 60% done things in my wake.

Case in point, I haven’t played Breath of the Wild in like two weeks because I keep getting distracted from documenting my adventure.

Where Did I Go?

My plan when I sat down to play again after my last post was to head towards Hyrule Field and gather up a bunch of the DLC clothing items scattered around there. However, I was also really enjoying how pretty Breath of the Wild was, and had heard that there was a Camera Rune glitch that helped get really awesome pictures. Since I knew I was going to be documenting my gameplay, I headed east to get my photography game right.

Along the way I unlocked the tower in front of the split mountain, then went along the river to the shrine where you get your first piece of climbing gear. This is actually the same route that I took the very first time I played the game, as I’m sure it was for 90% of players.

Stable Adventures

Naturally, I stopped off at the first stable to catch and saddle a horse, because c’mon, you gotta have a horse! Inside the stable I picked up a sidequest I’m 90% sure I have never done before. Then I found a guy who wanted me to enter a horse rearing competition.

Y’all, I had no idea there was a horse tearing competition.

It ended up just being a timed challenge to snag a horse, but it was still awesome to find a totally new thing to do.

Adventuring Onward

Having a new horse comapnion and championship status, I set off to the East again. I ended up drifting off the path to get another tower here, then made my way into the village. Having been here several times, I knew I couldn’t upgrade my Shiekah Slate without first lighting the furnace, so I lit up a spear with blue flames and set the fires ablaze.

Finally, ready to end my adventure, I stepped into Purah’s lab to get my camera… and found out that she won’t help you out until you check in with Impa.

So, after a play session full of distractions and side quests and wandering, the game is pulling me straight back to the critical path.

Next Steps

Next time I play I’ll advance the story, get my camera, and then wander off in another direction. Oh, and hopefully I won’t get distracted from writing about it.

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