Holy vacation, Batman: Hawaii and our Baby Shower

My wife and I do a lot of little trips, largely because we live a few hours away from the rest of our family. I don’t think a month has gone by where we haven’t at least done one weekend in Portland, or Bend, or camping, or something. We don’t typically do big vacations, but were lucky enough last month to spend a week in Hawaii, and then immediately spend another week in Portland to spend time with her parents and have a baby shower.

Hawaii was absolutely incredible. We stayed in an AirBnB right near Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, and mostly bummed around that area. We researched in advance, and decided that public transit would get us just about everywhere we needed to go, so didn’t stress about a car. Between the awesome “The Bus” system and a lot of walking, we visited several different beaches, toured the Iolani Palace, visited a farmer’s market, bought shirts at 88 Tees and coffee from Punchbowl (both of Terrace House fame), ate an insane amount of great food, and wandered through a local flea market. It was a low key vacation, without a lot of specific, set plans on what to do each day, but that made it super easy to relax and take in the beauty of Hawaii.

On our last full day there, we rented a car (which was an adventure in and of itself, since they didn’t have our reserved vehicle available), and drove around the rest of Oahu. We visited the Dole Plantation, ate some fantastic BBQ, saw even more amazing beaches, and then dropped by the actual Terrace House house on our way back into Honolulu. At the end of the day, we ended up sitting in a park to watch the sun go down, and it was just absolutely magical.

We flew back into Portland late Tuesday, and then I worked remote the rest of the week, while also visiting with both mine and my wife’s family. Her parents live in Montana, but had made a rare trip out here, so it was awesome to get to spend some time with them. Then when the weekend hit, we went to a BBQ at her sister’s house on Saturday and then our baby shower at the same house on Sunday. It was amazing to get to have so many of the people who are so important to us all gathered in one place, in support of our little family.

We’ve been back home properly for 4 days now, and I still don’t feel like I’ve fully recovered from this trip. It was relaxing and exhausting and emotionally overwhelming, but mostly it was amazing.

If you ever get a chance to visit Hawaii, do it.

But more importantly, when you do get a chance to spend time with your family, take it.

hawaii panorama.jpg

… and then take a nap!

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  1. Ah, your next to last line made me teary…

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