The finale of the Animorphs TV show is buck wild (and bad)

It’s been a while since I finished my reread of the Animorphs book series, and just this week I finished watching through the TV show for the first time. I’d seen some of it back when it first aired back in the 90s, and even then I could tell that it just wasn’t good. Having seen the whole thing, I can confirm that it young Troy’s opinions were right.

I do have to give the show credit for one thing, though, which is that it stuffed a completely mad amount of stuff in the three part series finale. As far as I can remember, these are all the story elements they fit into three episodes:

  • The Andalite Toilet from book 14
  • The monkey plot from 28, except it’s based around cosmetics
  • Marco getting caught on camera from 42
  • Tobias seeing secrets hawk stuff that leads to a group of freed controllers with yeerk scanning technology (okay, this isn’t from the books, but someone watched Angel)
  • The Yeerks trying to mind control people through tv reminded me of the Sharing promoting talk show host in 35
  • Ax trying to escape the planet like in book 5
  • Marco getting caught in a cage like David used in 47
  • The secret’s of Tobias past, like in 23
  • A school dance, like in 29, except this time the dance is a Yeerk plot, which is foiled by a skunk, like in book 9

So yeah, all of that happened, and then the show just, like, ended… It wasn’t a satisfying conclusion at all, but it’s impressive that they managed to cram so much in there!

Now there’s just a few video games to play, and I’ll have consumed all of the official Animorphs content that exists!

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