The “Perception Check Yourself” Kickstarter has ended, now work begins

A month ago I launched my very first Kickstarter. A day later it was 100% funded. As of yesterday the funding period ended at 442% funded. This was the update I posted on to the page there:

Holy smokes, thank you to the 48 folks who backed this project and are helping me get this thing made. With the funding period ended, it’s time to move on to the real work of the thing. I’ve got pins, stickers, shirts, and shipping supplies to order, and then so, so much packaging and mailing.

This is the first Kickstarter I’ve ever run, and I’m overwhelmed by how well it did. Thank you so much to everyone who backed the project, or just shared it online somewhere. It means the world to me, and I can’t wait to get these pins out to you, and then to see what we can do next!

I’m probably going to end up with a few pins and stickers left over at the end of this process that I’ll put up online somewhere, so if you are seeing this after the project ended but are still interested in picking up a pin, follow me on Twitter and/or on the blog to keep up with any updates.

Thanks again for looking at this project, and for putting up with the insane amount of promoting it I’ve been doing lately!

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