Fyre is sooooo hot right now

I remember hearing about the Fyre Festival and the cheese sandwich back when it happened, but I didn’t really look into it any further than a scrolling glance. I’m not sure if there was any build up before the Netflix and Hulu documentaries came out a few weeks ago, but it sure felt like they popped up just as randomly, except this time it seemed like nearly every podcast I listened to was on board. As a result, I ended up hearing a lot of different views on both docs well before I got around to watching them.

I don’t really have a lot to add to the mass commentary… Billy does seem awful, so it’s weird that the Hulu documentary paid him. Jerry Media also seems terrible, so the Netflix movie seems instantly compromised since they made it. Since the movies have come out and the #FuckFuckJerry campaign has become a force, the reactions from Jerry Media have been… less than stellar. I’m not sure how much of the Fyre Festival Failing can be attributed to that company, but I’m not sad that they are getting the heat that they are.

Really, what I’m looking forward to now is for someone to make a documentary out of both of the documentaries that have been put out there, and maybe for a documentary about the making of that hybrid documentary.

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