Brand New’s “Your Favorite Weapon” is still absolute bangers all the way down

I grew up with a weird taste in music thanks to a brother 7 years older than me. I was rocking out to AC/DC, Kiss, and Metallica in 2000. I liked plenty of modern stuff too, but loud guitars over an angry anthem were supremely my jam.

I don’t remember who introduced me to Brand New, but it would have been a few years after their 2001 album, “Your Favorite Weapon” came out. I loved it instantly, and that love has never died. It’s got all the volume I craved, combined with the sad, sappy, petty emotionalism of a frustrated teenager.

I really should get around to listening to their newer albums, but the 12 tracks on this album are still my absolute favorite songs to rock out to.

Some tracks are loud and angry, some are slow and soft, but they are all absolute jams.

Play it loud on a rough day to scream along to the angst, play it loud on a good day to slam dance with joy, play it loud on a sad day to cry along with the slow songs, it’s good for everything.

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