The start of Inktober

Inktober2018 completely snuck up on me. I didn’t plan anything, I hadn’t reviewed the prompts… it was just suddenly there.

For anyone unfamiliar, Inktober is a push to get people out and drawing in ink. There are prompts for each day, and artists are encouraged to create and share drawings daily. I participated last year for the first time, with almost exclusively traditionally inked drawings.

In lieu of preparation this year, last at night on the first I grabbed my iPad and created a small, simple, clean drawing, which I’ve now decided is going to be my standard for this year. Each day in October I will create and post one digitally inked drawing, mostly with a simplistic, fairly symmetrical style.

Below are my drawings so far. Please follow me on Instagram to see my daily work, and look up the #inktober hashtag to see a ton more incredible artists.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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