Speed limits are important, even if they are frustrating.

Yesterday my wife and I drove from Central Oregon to Seattle. It took us just over 7 hours, with only a few stops along the way. We pretty much entirely avoided traffic, and didn’t speed.

Even on the expressway of Highway 97 through Bend, OR.

Where the speed limit is 45 miles per hour.

Through the entire city.

On a highway.

Which keeps everyone safe and is a speed limit that everyone should follow, even if it seems mind-numbingly slow when other cars are passing you at 70. Because they are jerks.

So I made this sticker, mostly for my wife to mock me with, because… while I don’t drive at 70 on that road, I do have a tendency to forget that it’s only 45.

97 is 45
Available as stickers and more at Redbubble and TeePublic.

3 responses to “Speed limits are important, even if they are frustrating.”

  1. you’re in my town? crazy!


    1. Oh snap, are you a Seattle person? I didn’t realize it!


  2. […] Drew up a silly design about a speed limit in Bend while my wife drove. […]


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