Terrace House is so sweet and earnest and awesome and you should be watching it right now.

We finished up part three of Terrace House: Opening New Doors on Netflix recently, and it’s fantastic!

If you haven’t watched Terrace House before, the premise is that three boys and three girls all move into a house together, where nothing has been provided for them except for, well the house, some beautiful cars, and that’s pretty much it. And then the show just watches what they do together. It’s not quite a dating show, although dating is frequently a center part of the show, because there is no push from the producers to get the participants out dating, instead they tend to do that themselves. In fact, since part of each episode is spent watching the participants plan their schedules for the week, there are frequently conversations like this.

Boy: what are you doing tomorrow?

Girl: tomorrow?

Boy: Yeah, tomorrow.

Girl: Um.. *checks phone* I don’t have any plans.

Boy: *casually, looking at phone instead of making eye contact* We should do something.

Girl: *also casually, still looking at phone* Yeah, let’s do something.

Boy: Do you want to get lunch?

Girl: Yeah, let’s get lunch.

Boy: Okay, let’s get lunch.

Girl: Okay, let’s do it.

It’s just a lot of nothing happening! And you know what, it’s fantastic! It is better than any other reality show I’ve ever watched! It feels actually real! Because you spend so much time just sitting with the participants, everything that happens seems so much more genuine. When two people go out on a date, I believe hat they actually wanted to do it, because we watched them make the plans!

It also helps that the contestants are all Japanese, or at least from a Japanese culture, and so there is an element of seeing a new culture that’s part of the draw for a western audience. Dating in Japan seems to be wildly different from dating in America, and it’s completely refreshing, especially if you’re used to seeing dating for trade on shows like the bachelor. It takes months for couples to actually admit they like each other, let alone *gasp* hold hands or *swoon* kiss!

I don’t want to get into the details of Opening New Doors much, except to say that I love it! There is a relationship that blossoms over the three parts that are out so far that is just absolutely incredible. If you’ve never watched Terrace House before, or even if you watched the other seasons but haven’t gotten around to Opening New Doors, I would absolutely encourage you to go watch it now.

It’s just so nice!


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