The Pipe Dreamers: A very nice streaming community

A few months ago I joined with a Discord community for Twitch streamers, and found it less than ideal. Systems within the community promoted spamming the discord chat with nonesense instead of actually talking to each other, while also not allowing anyone to promote themselves except the founder of the community, who insisted on everyone tuning in to their streams.

It kinda turned me off of Twitch for a minute.

Then I found The Pipe Dreamers, another Discord community for Twitch streamers, but much smaller, and much more focused on helping each other out, instead of just shouting spam into the void to try to get attention. I’ve been hanging out on the Discord for this group and in streams from it’s members for a few weeks, and it’s been nothing but positive. I’ve even been lucky enough to see my own numbers on Twitch go up as members from this community come over to hang out with me.

The reason I love streaming and watching streams is because I think video games are best enjoyed by sitting around with friends and goofing about them. When that’s not an option, streaming is the next best thing, and the members of The Pipe Dreamers have become my favorite friends to joke around with.

One of the things the community does is run “featured streams”, which push for the whole community to gather in one stream for a few hours. This is fantastic, because it really allows for everyone, both streamer and viewer alike, to build up a sense of community.

Tonight, I’m lucky enough to be the featured streamer from 7-10pm Pacific. I’m going to be playing through some of the Arkham DLC that I’ve never touched before, and I am silly-giddy about it.

If you like watching fun, supportive folks play video games, you should follow @PipeDreamStream, and if your a streamer interested in joining you can send a link to @PDScouting. And finally, if you want to see the very stupid things I made for my featured stream, drop on by my Twitch channel between 7-10pm Pacific tonight.

Batman Promo

3 responses to “The Pipe Dreamers: A very nice streaming community”

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