We’re going camping!

My wife and I have been together for nearly five years (our first date was actually five years ago next weekend) and both hypothetically like camping, but have somehow not done so together in our entire relationship. At the start of summer, we decided this was going to be the year, and bought a bunch of camping stuff, built a platform bed in the back of her Subaru, and made plans.

And then life happened, so we had to cancel those plans, and made a new plan.

And then life happened again, so we did the same thing again.

And again.

And almost had to do it again, but got my brother to take over dog sitting responsibilities that were going to keep us home this time around, and we are now in the car on the way to the Oregon coast where we will (hopefully) have a camp site in walking distance of the beach, and be able to spend two nights out there.

It feels like we’ve got everything we could possibly need in the car with us, but I’m sure there’s something we didn’t remember.

I’ll probably be posting camping themed blogs tomorrow and Sunday, and will be posting pictures on Instagram as @TroytlePower, so stay tuned to see if we actually pull this off without finding out that we forgot something essential.

Like food. Jk, we brought food.

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