Volunteering at the Kid’s Art Center

This past weekend, for the second year in a row, my wife, my mom, and I (along with a few other members of our family) helped out at the kid’s art activity center at our local Art Fair. We had 5 or 6 different activities set up for kids to do with our help, starting with decorating a paper bag to hold the rest of their projects, and including making felt visors, creating journals, and taking Polaroid pictures.

It’s a cool opportunity for parents to either make some crafts with their kids or just drop them off while they browse the art fair, and it raises a bit of money for a group that supports local charities.

But that’s not why I love it… I love it because of the excitement on the kids’ faces as they make something of their very own. Everyone who comes through makes something completely unique, and getting to see them realize that they have that power is incredible.

Go make art. Go make art with strangers. Go make art with kids.

Go make art.

Even if it’s silly. Especially if it’s silly.


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