You know what I just watched: America’s Got Talent

This past weekend, my wife had me watch America’s Got Talent, after a friend and she had started watching it this past week and really got into it. I’ve never been a huge fan of performance/competition-based reality shows, but I’ve seen some American Idol and the Voice before (and I love GBBO, but that’s a bit different). America’s Got Talent is a little different from most competition shows because the performers on the show aren’t all performing in the same category.

In the episode we watched, we saw musicians, magicians, dancers, and two dudes who make sound effects with their bellies.

The show does do all the normal stuff that most reality TV shows do, which is to say that everything is super high drama and if you watch closely there are some weird editing cuts throughout to make the drama more fast paced. I think watching so much Terrace House lately has me more sensitive to the overdramatized nature of American reality TV, but… America’s Got Talent does these things pretty well, and I frequently find myself sucked into the drama of each performer their backstory. The episode we watched included the story of a couple who couldn’t have more kids by birth after their first child and ended up adopting 5 more over the years, and you best believe that had me tearing up!

Overall, America’s Got Talent is pretty fun. It’s popcorn television, that I absolutely don’t need in my life, but I’ll be damned if we didn’t start another episode after finishing the first. It’s silly, it’s unnecessary, but it’s also fun, and funny, and touching, and… it just…

feels so good
Shoutout to Yumbo Dump, @yunbodanpu on Twitter


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