Weird, delightful, niche video game podcasts

More podcast recommendations! There’s probably going to be a lot of these because, well, I listen to a ton of awesome podcasts! One of the things that I love about podcasts is that you can focus them on just about anything, and today’s recommendations all cover video games with such a weird and specific perspective that they sound more like ideas from a Portlandia sketch than actual podcasts, but they all work!


Ultra 64

I grew up on my brother’s NES and SNES as a kid, but my first sense of real ownership of a home console was when we got an N64 right when it came out. Yeah, it belonged to both of us, but I was there for the hype of its release, unlike the previous systems. I loved that damn thing, and between blockbuster and friends, I played a lot of the 296 games released for the system. Ultra 64 makes me realize how many I missed, though, as the hosts go through and play, review, and rank EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Their commentary is nostalgic, insightful, and funny, and the only thing that makes me sad is knowing that there’s a defined end to this series.

No One Can Know About This

You know Final Fantasy? You know how there are, like, a lot of them? What if two dudes played all of them? What’s cool about this show is that they record themselves (and the game audio) as they play, and then insert commentary when they go back and edit later, making a documentary out of their experience playing through the games. They go on crazy tangents, like discussing red bananas, the origin of the phrase “go ham”, and the nihilism that follows data loss.

Daniel K’s Let’s Plays

It’s a let’s play, but a podcast. All the excellence of watching someone play a video game while commenting on it on Youtube or Twitch, except without watching it! Daniel K does an incredible job of narrating what happens as he plays through a variety of games, including Touch My Katamari, Putt Putt Goes to the Moon, and Breath of the Wild (maybe… Just… just go listen to it). It’s beautifully absurd, and I have no idea how he manages to describe things as well as he does (I’ve tried to emulate his performance, and it was miserable!). This podcast hasn’t technically started yet, as Daniel is still doing practice episodes before launching the podcast in earnest with Final Fantasy VII. But seeing as he’s done 155 practice episodes, I have to believe that’ll be coming shortly.

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