Last night I hung out with my former roommate, Scoot, on his twitch stream. We drank some whiskey, played some games, and ate some hot sauce.

  • The whiskey was great.
  • The video games were fine, except why do developers keep making 2 player games that are single player for level one?
  • The hot sauce was AWFUL! It was called “Da Bomb: Beyond Insanity”, and the package said to have 1 drop at a time, carefully… I let Scoot convince me to have a blob instead, and oh my lawd it burned so bad. I immediately devolved into a pile of fire belching ooze. I legit thought I was going to puke. I still feel it. It will forever haunt my innards, as a burning specter of torment. I am going to eat nothing but mayo for the rest of my life, and I will still never cool off.


Go follow Scoot on Twitch, and if you want to torture yourself (and have Amazon kick me back a percent),  go buy some hot sauce!