Podcast recommendations: Star Trek (Part 1)

Squeeee! I wrote the bulk of this post earlier today but hadn’t posted it yet and just saw the news that PATRICK STEWART IS COMING BACK TO STAR TREK FOR REAL AND CONFIRMED AND IT’S HAPPENING AND AGGGGHHhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrr

Anyway, I’m going to do an irregular series on podcasts I listen to, because there are lots and lots and lots of them. Star Trek seems a fitting place to start (even before today’s news!), because it is the single topic that I listen to the most shows about. These are just three of the ones I listen to, picked for no particular reason besides they were the first three that popped into my head.

trek casts


Trackoff is one of the earliest Star Trek podcasts I started listening to, I think first hearing about them on an ad on the Smodcast Internet Radio network. It’s hosted by Justin and Alexia, who talk about Star Trek and pop-culture in general. Episodes range from covering a full season of Next Gen, to Star Wars and comic book movies, and back to the most Doable crew members across the Trek franchise. They really go all over the place, and you never really know what you’re going to get when you tune in to a new episode, but it’s consistently funny and somehow almost innocently crude.

Dork Trek

Dork Trek is another long-standing, dirty Star Trek podcast, which started out covering The Next Generation, and has had a variety of hosts over the years. They are now into covering Deep Space Nine, and have mostly stabilized to four hosts; Bob (who also makes comics), Dennis, Ben, and Jennie. Each episode of the podcast covers the next chronological episode of DS9, but also diverts into things like the World Cup, karate gi’s, and pitches for domestic interstellar police procedurals. This show rambles like hanging out with good friends when it’s too late to open another case of beer or bottle of wine, and has pretty much zero filter on the crassness of the jokes they make.

Upper Pylon 2

Upper Pylon 2 takes a much more serious, analytical look at DS9, and is a follow-up to the Delta Quadrant, which covered Voyager on an episode by episode basis. Another show with a bit of a shifty host list, they run a focused, thorough breakdown of the story beats act by act for each episode of DS9, but still get their jokes in here and there. I like that UP2 leans closer to the lit class version of a Star Trek discussion, and really shines a lot on what makes this franchise good, along with what makes it fun. This is the only show on this list that I’d call SFW.

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