Bloggin and Streamin and Drawin

Alright, blog, I’m going to start posting stuff to you whether I like it or not!

Seriously, though, the new job has been amazing, but I’ve been failing to get thoughts jotted down, and that’s gotta change.

Part of the struggle is that I always want anything I write to be perfect, so even if I’ve got an idea I get started on I tend not to post it, because I want to revise it, and then I come up with new ideas and then…

It’s a self defeating cycle.

What I have been doing, though, is streaming over on I’ve been playing through Far Cry 5, a few other random games, and drawing on stream, and you know what? It’s never perfect! There are so many moving parts involved with getting a stream on the air, that nothing is ever 100% right and… that’s okay!

Working through that process has started me on the road to accepting that not everything has been great, and the super cool “Blaugust Reborn” initiative and the hosts of the Geek to Geek Cast have motivated me to get thoughts down and out!

So… HERE’S A BLOG POST! Look at it! It’s janky and weird and not perfect, but I love it like a little baby bird.

You want pictures in your blog posts? WE’VE GOT PICTURES!


I started drawing this one on Twitch, and then my iPad died midstream, so I finished it up offline later on.


This one started as a silly sketch weeks ago when my wife and I were finishing the Aloha State season of Terrace House, and I finally got around to inking it on Twitch yesterday. I’ve got the flat colors down for the two characters on the right, and will work on the rest and all of the hair next time I get a chance. It’s called “Terrigen House”… get it?

That’s all for now! I actually took a long break in the middle of typing this to get a process set up for bordering those images and putting my address on there, and it’s made me want to go back and read what I wrote at the top before I post. But you know what?

I’m not gonna.

Because what’s important is to do the thing, not to do it perfectly.

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