New designs!

It’s been a busy couple… weeks? months? I fell away from using this site pretty quick after making it, but I’m determined to be back and to stick with it. To celebrate, I put up a bunch of new designs!


The Tick copy
Available for purchase at Teepublic!

First off, “Neat!”, inspired by the new Tick series. Well, more it’s inspired by the series I watched as a kid, and then the fact that I watched one episode of the new series. It was pretty good, but mostly just made me want to watch the original again! The pixel art on this was inspired by the old Sonic title screen, because I picked up Sonic Mania right around when I watched the new Tick series.


Defenders in Times Teepublic Template
Available for purchase at Teepublic!

Next, “Defenders in Time”, inspired by Netflix’s Marvel’s The Defenders: A Prestige TV Show Featuring Characters from Four Other Netflix/Marvel Shows (I’m pretty sure that’s the full title), and Turtles in Time. I haven’t finished The Defenders yet, but it’s pretty good so far. I feel like it does a good job of pulling up the less interesting characters, but it also drags the more interesting ones down a bit, too, which is a shame.


Minimalist Empire
Available for purchase at Teepublic!

“Minimalist Empire” came from an Inktober drawing I did. I love that we are now in a world where there is a constant flow of news and hype for new Star Wars properties. The Last Jedi is sounding great (although I’m avoiding watching any previews), I’m hopeful for Solo, and apparently there’s going to be some live action TV shows happening, too? So good!


Available for purchase at Teepublic!

This one, “Alpha Quadrant Divided”, also came from an Inktober drawing, and from my excitement for Star Trek: Discovery, which has been outstanding so far! Seriously, if you haven’t watched it yet, go check out at least the first 3 episodes… 1 and 2 are more of a prologue for the actual show, so getting to 3 is important!

And that’s it for now!

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