Thoughts on Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders

I grew up on Batman. Whether it was Kevin Conroy, Michael Keaton, Adam West, or even George Clooney, watching Batman was a huge part of my childhood. I’ve got two nephews now, and have been looking forward to introducing them to all the various Batmen.

I consider it my duty as an uncle to make sure these two kids turn out as nerdy as possible!

With that in mind, I was really looking forward to Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders. I figured that with the Adam West series’ sense of humor and an animated style, it’d be a perfect entry point.

Today I sat down to watch the movie and… yeah, no. The animation is fantastic (simple, but perfectly capturing the likenesses of the original actors), and the action and comedy both fit the original show. There was just one problem…

A big part of the plot of this movie involves Batman being turned evil and then duplicating himself over and over again, to take over first Gotham, then the world! As much as I love that Adam West got to get back in the cowl (I’m imagining he wore it while voice recording, is that weird?), I don’t think seeing a team of Batmen threaten to kill the citizens of Gotham with exploding TVs right before beating the crap out of Robin can be the entry point for my nephews.

I guess I’ll have to watch more Batman to find just the right introduction. What a shame!

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