Are you watching Doctor Who right this very moment? Why not!?

Travis McElroy and Tybee Diskin have a great podcast called “Run: A Doctor Who Fancast”, which covers both new and classic Doctor Who episodes. I started listening to their show right when it came out, but without rewatching the 2005 series of Doctor Who, because I’ve seen those episodes several times before. As they got closer and closer to the end of David Tennant’s run as the Doctor, though, I got more and more excited, eventually deciding to watch Series 4, his final season as the Doctor, along with them.

I fell a bit behind, then caught up, and then just kept watching through the end of the series and just… wow… I love this show, so damn much!

Doctor Who is a show with intriguing mysteries, interesting aliens, heart-wrenching stories, and fascinating lead characters, especially in Season 4 with Donna Noble, probably my favorite companion of all time.

I know I’m far from the minority in my love of this show, but if for some reason you’ve never watched it before, go to your Amazon Prime video account right now, and start watching! I’d recommend Series 1, 4, 5, or 10 as the best places for newcomers to start, or, heck, just wait less than three weeks for the brand new series with a new showrunner and new Doctor to kick off, and start there!

And you know what, even if you’ve watched all of Doctor Who before, go watch an episode today! You deserve it!

However, you do it, just go watch Doctor Who!

Oh, and listen to Run, because it’s a very, very good podcast with very, very good hosts!

4 responses to “Are you watching Doctor Who right this very moment? Why not!?”

  1. Going to date myself here, I started watching during the Tom Baker era. I have watched them all, from the black and whites, to the most recent. There has been a lot of good, a few cringworthy but still enjoyable. It is worth watching for sure.


    1. I love Tom Baker! My dad actually showed me some of those series when I was a kid, because they were on PBS when he was growing up. When I started watching the new series, memories of a floppy hat and a long scarf immediately resurfaced! Twitch recently did a marathon of a huge bulk of the classic series, and it was awesome to see some of the old Doctor’s in action.

      If you’ve seen em all, I’ve gotta ask… who is your favorite Doctor?

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      1. Well, I’m probably as old as your dad then, because I watched them on PBS, and the older ones when they broadcast during the fund raisers. I think it would have to be Baker because he was the first I watched. I wasn’t a big fan of Pertwe or Davidson. The more recent, Tennant et al, have done a good job also


      2. I’ve really liked Capaldi’s run, because I feel like it brings back the grumpy old man persona that got lost for most of the new series. My sister is burning through the modern series for the first time right now, in an effort to get caught up for the premier in a few weeks, and I think I’m going to make her a homework list of a few classic episodes to watch after, definitely leaning heavily on 4! 😀

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