Avengers Endgame: All of my notes (Spoilers and Language abound)

On Sunday, we finally got to see Avengers: Endgame. My parents and my wife all went to a theater early in the morning and saw it with a surprisingly full crowd considering it was early in the day a week after the movie came out. I took notes through the movie, so that I could have something to reference when recording my thoughts for Podcasters Assemble (Probably), and decided to make a blog post out of the 41(!) pages I scribbled on during the 3-hour movie.

Please forgive my handwriting and spelling, which are both atrocious at the best of times, and downright embarrassing when I’m crying in a dark room full of strangers.

untitled (1 of 41)
I avoided everything I could before the movie came out
untitled (2 of 41)
I didn’t take any notes about Clint’s family, because it was too sad.
untitled (3 of 41)
“Five years later” broke my brain.
untitled (4 of 41)
Morgan Stark saying “Shit” made me very happy.
untitled (5 of 41)
I’ve been so excited for New Asgard since Ragnarok!
untitled (6 of 41)
The “Fucking” in front of “Ronin” is in excitement.
untitled (7 of 41)
Heist! Heist! Heist!
untitled (8 of 41)
Back to New York! Such excite!
untitled (9 of 41)
I defo thought Nebula betrayed the team.
untitled (10 of 41)
That elevator scene, though.
untitled (11 of 41)
The payoff on “I can do this all day” was wonderful.
untitled (12 of 41)
Hey look, Natalie Portman was in this movie!
untitled (13 of 41)
Thanos smirking at his own cool line is a big mood.
untitled (14 of 41)
So…. I was a bit excited about Peggy.
untitled (15 of 41)
He Bootstrap Paradoxed his dad’s quote!
untitled (16 of 41)
For just a second I thought Natasha and Clint were gonna kiss, and I was pissed.
untitled (17 of 41)
She can’t be dead 😦
untitled (18 of 41)
I’m sure impostor-Nebula isn’t up to anything
untitled (19 of 41)
Thanos shows up, Troy writes “JesuWTFohnoRocketohgoawad”
untitled (20 of 41)
I for sure thought it was Hulk chasing Clint in the tunnel.
untitled (21 of 41)
Why wasn’t Loki on the ship!?
untitled (22 of 41)
Where is everyone? On the way is where!
untitled (23 of 41)
This says “Hammer”
untitled (24 of 41)
Cap can wield Mjolnir? That’s too much power.
untitled (25 of 41)
I for sure thought Cap was about to go.
untitled (26 of 41)
I was expecting “I can do this all day”, and got “On your left” instead.
untitled (27 of 41)
I’m not sure what half this says, but the bottom is supposed to be “Avengers Assemble”.
untitled (28 of 41)
Tony hugging Peter 😥
untitled (29 of 41)
I want to make a kids book of the heroes passing off the Gauntlet
untitled (30 of 41)
Totes called Carol’s return.
untitled (31 of 41)
Cap called Spidey “Queens!”
untitled (32 of 41)
I, uh, really liked seeing all the female characters come together.
untitled (33 of 41)
Oh Tony…
untitled (34 of 41)
Captain Marvel mirroring Captain America holding back Thanos punch is a big mood.
untitled (35 of 41)
The buildup…
untitled (36 of 41)
… and the downfall.
untitled (37 of 41)
Even as Tony was dying I was realizing where Steve would end up.
untitled (38 of 41)
Tony Stark: Self-Eulogizer.
untitled (39 of 41)
Nerds will forever tear up over cheeseburgers.
untitled (40 of 41)
Bucky knew right away why Cap didn’t come back.
untitled (41 of 41)
I wanted him to end up back in time since Winter Soldier, and it was perfect.

Be sure to listen to Podcasters Assemble (Probably)‘s episode on Friday to hear my more developed thoughts, along with thoughts from a bunch of other awesome folks

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    Debbie Dunham

    Tony shouldn’t die 🙁

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