My whole family did The Great Columbia Crossing!

This past weekend my entire immediate family gathered in Astoria for The Great Columbia Crossing, a 10k race across the Astoria-Megler bridge. Altogether there were 16 of us, including my parents, siblings, siblings-in-law, and nephews.

The actual race event was fun, and every one of us managed to finish (despite one person being post-surgery, one pre-surgery, and one busting up their toe a few days before), but seeing my family was more special than the event itself.

With such a big group, we’re generally only all together during holidays, which are filled with traditions and expectations. It was nice to get everyone together in a different context and to spend time together making memories not specifically attached to a holiday.

We had photos taken, walked to a beach, played games, watched football, had meals… all kinds of things that really aren’t extraordinary on their own, but were made special by everyone being together.

Family is pretty great, y’all.

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