Computers suck

I spent the majority of the day today troubleshooting my computer. I've come to three conclusions: 1. I hate computers. 2. McAfee is a garbage program made by jackholes and ding dongs. 3. Knowing the truth of point number 2 does nothing to remedy the truth of point number 1.

First Impressions: Dark Souls

Somehow I completely missed out on Dark Souls when it first came out back in 2011, and then never got around to correcting that. After watching the Monster Factory episode for Bloodborne┬áI did give that one a shot, and had a ton of fun in the character creator before playing for about 15 minutes, and … Continue reading First Impressions: Dark Souls

My whole family did The Great Columbia Crossing!

This past weekend my entire immediate family gathered in Astoria for The Great Columbia Crossing, a 10k race across the Astoria-Megler bridge. Altogether there were 16 of us, including my parents, siblings, siblings-in-law, and nephews. The actual race event was fun, and every one of us managed to finish (despite one person being post-surgery, one … Continue reading My whole family did The Great Columbia Crossing!